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Data science for IoT

In the last decades, more than six billion devices have come online. All those connected "things", called the “Internet of Things” generate massive amounts of data daily. All this data is bound to significantly impact many business processes over the next few years. Thus, Data Science for IoT is expected to drive the business models and processes in Industry 4.0.

We, at ZettaScale, make from your IoT and Industrial IoT streams of data that are processed in real time and help you in: predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, forecasting and missing event interpolation


ZettaScale takes and utilises the data collected through IoT systems and technology, transforms, analyzes and creates value for an organisation or business. The data science component allows the value to be extracted and understood from the IoT technology use and deployment.

Below are a couple of use cases that our work has included:

  • Identify data requirements based on the devices and additional sensors used
  • Design and implement IoT data pipeline platform
  • Prototyping and proof-of-concept solutions
  • Using a real time streaming platform for transporting sensors data: Pub-Sub, Apache Kaka
  • Sensors data consolidation and aggregation using GCP DataFlow, Apache Spark
  • Visualize sensors data using D3, Apache Superset, Grafana