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We, at ZettaScale, have the expertise based on real-world experience as well as up to date technologies. We craft solutions that are modern, reliable and secure. Our approach is to set up the proper skilled team for each challenge working side by side with the existing clients team or a self contained. Most of the time we tackle critical parts of the project starting with focus on delivering components that bring the most value in the business.


Proof of solution

We take a problem in the business space and go beyond a simple proof of concept to demonstrate a proof of solution. Complex problems are hard to get resolved right and we, at ZettaScale, mimic closely realistic customer setup and use cases to deliver a solution that has high confidence for the final result. Our approach covers the entire lifecycle from discovery, development to testing and deploying. The insight gained build the foundations and decisions for next phases designs and developments.

Solution implementation

We further enhance the proof of solution to a production ready product with complete functional and nonfunctional requirements .


We partner and collaborate directly with our clients to meet the project's needs, trust relationships and share knowledge. If requirements change we have the flexibility to adapt and progress development quickly as we go.