Cloud Architecture

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Given the fact that data is growing with lightning speed reaching zetta bytes scale, cloud solutions can help you business keep in trend with data, accelerate to market, cut cost and scale.

A cloud based architecture benefits from being agile and ensures your business objectives are met.

At ZettaScale we have adopted cloud-native technology for our big data projects by using resource and services managers in cloud like: YARN, Messos, Kubernetes. If you are planning to transition to cloud, either public (GCP, Azure, AWS) or private, and want to scale up your existing solution we can help you.


Our teams’ skills and expertise have been able to partner with many clients on their cloud journey and help them reach their business goals.

Examples of our cloud discovery and delivery work has included:

  • Developing strategies for transitioning to cloud based architecture
  • Serverless and microservice
  • Prototyping and proof-of-concept solutions
  • Designing and delivering large-scale systems with Yarn, Apache Spark, Kafka on Azure, GCP cloud
  • Designing and delivering event-driven and real-time data streaming solutions
  • Cloud automation and infrastructure-as-code with Terraform, Ansible, Git